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For twenty-five years, I worked in the corporate world. When my highly developed intuitive ability attracted the attention of MD’s, CEO’s, executives and business owners, they reached out to me to gain that extra edge to succeed.


For decades I've been coaching people to achieve mind body mastery for achievement of their goals.  I was offered the groundbreaking opportunity to work as a ‘Medical Intuitive’ alongside Doctor's and Complementary Health Professionals in a medical centre in Sydney, Australia. During my 8 years partnering in this centre I helped countless people to experience healing beyond the conventional medical model.


I’m able to see your energy and identify and explain the connection between the challenges and opportunities evident in your mind, body, relationships and life!

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Soul Synchronised is the product of my Coaching, Corporate and Energy Mastery Expertise.

People who succeed in all they do have an edge; a secret weapon; but it's not something they usually brag about.

How do I know?  Because influential decision makers have sought out my help to gain that edge! 

If you want this edge, you need to open your mind to a new strategy.  Just like the conventional school system doesn't equip you for the realities of life, approaching your goals your old way doesn't equip you for achieving what you desire in this new fast-moving world. 


Here's the exciting news.  I'm inviting you to join me to learn some of the secrets my VIP clients have been taught that they believe has been foundational to their success.

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I would like to offer you my specialised abilities to enhance your career, business and personal life.

If that's the kind of expert help you’re looking for then you're definitely in the right place!
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Jo Hahlos

Senior Executive | Banking


I learned that I'm a unique person and I have special skills, I don't need to be like another person or director. I don't need to play in that field with them, I've got my own field to play in.

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I’m able to see and explain the quality of your energy and the connection between the challenges and opportunities evident in your mind, body,
relationships and life! 

Powerful Intuition. The specialised intuition power I have tapped into, also resides in you.

All I need to do is give you the correct training to unleash this power in you and guide you on how to

use it to accelerate your career, income, relationships, health and financial success.


I’ll give you the right tools and knowledge so you can activate the energy frequency shifts in your mental,
emotional, physical states to improve your life experiences.

Everyone seeks fulfilment in their work and life but few know the path to making it happen!

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