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Hi, I'm Silvana.

My eight-week Soul Synchronised program teaches people leaders, business owners and professionals a series of highly effective strategies to choose goals with certainty.  Soul Synchronised unlocks your latent decision-making power through intuition and aligns it with action – allowing you to take practical steps to achieve your soul’s desire.

Students have labelled Soul Synchronised an ‘unfair advantage’ in their careers and businesses, with the benefits extending to personal goals enabling fulfilment and happiness in every aspect of life. Who wouldn’t want that?


Why Soul Synchronised?

We all know that one ‘go-getter’. The person follows a long-held passion and suddenly
they’re happy, successful, and financially secure. You might think, “how did they do that?
Clearly, I’m not that type of person”.
Well I’m here to tell you, you ARE that type of person. We all are. It’s just that many of us
need help to clarify our goals so we can take steps to achieve our definition of success in our
professional and personal lives.
People I work with refer to me as a gifted intuitive, but think of me as an accredited coach whose also professional people-reader! I will help you to identify blind spots or emotional blocks and eliminate them, opening up the array of choices that will lead you to the success you desire.
Success looks different to everyone. Is success happiness? If so, I can help you determine
what will bring you happiness. Is success professional achievement? That’s precisely my
area, and I will help you make it happen. It’s that simple.

Soul Synchronised is for you if …

You are a leader / executive

  • Wanting to align your passion to your work and attract higher income opportunities.


You are a service provider / professional

  • Desiring to make an impact while improving your quality of life and lifestyle.

You are a entrepreneur / business owner / consultant

  • Passionate about creating a vision for your best life while achieving

financial growth in your business.


Changing lives | Success stories

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Michael Tuffy

Innovator | Customer Advocate | Executive Leader


I remembered thinking getting a big gig (role) would be hard then when we flushed it out I thought how is it any different to healing yourself or making new friendships or finding a great place to live. 7 days later I met a guy doing a start up and the rest is history.

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Anthony Ko

Management Consultant | Coach


I realised through teaching there were other ways I could help people. I began exploring 1/1 consulting and life coaching and that brought me a whole other level of fulfillment.

Chey Birch

Founder, Skincare Brand

You’ve helped me bring my dream to reality ...

Who you’ve helped me become is the reason my brand and business is what it is today.

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Everyday Miracle Maker

Unlock Your Miracle-Making Mindset

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If you've ever experienced a synchronicity, lucky break, act of grace or soul mate connection then

you've experienced an everyday miracle. Chances are you created it without realising. Becoming an

Everyday Miracle Maker will teach you the art of creating them more often. Silvana La Pegna - medical intuitive,

coach and mentor - has dedicated over a decade to understanding and teaching her clients

how they can apply self-help to heal themselves from ailments, stress and unhealthy patterns to and

transform their lives.


Everyday Miracle Maker shares 7 self-transformation keys to unlock your miracle-making mind-set and

shows how they can shift your vibrational frequencies to improve your mind, body and spiritual wellbeing

to accomplish your goals. As a medical intuitive she uses her intuition to detect disharmony in her clients'

energy fields and uses this knowledge to show them how to shift unhelpful vibrational frequencies.

This is one of many ways she helps improve their health and life experience.